To publish your own e-books

Create your own e-books, publish your own e-books, the best way, get new customers, demonstrate you are expert

Create your own e-books

is one of the best ways to get new customers and thereby demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. The e-books can be free or cost anything for the recipients. To publish your own e-books is a good example of how you may even benefit from the marketing operation.

Benefits of using e-books in order to obtain customers:

  • E-books are becoming more common and the market is gradually increasing
  • It’s easy to create your own e-books
  • No costs that you have with an ordinary book-printing, packaging, handling, etc.
  • The e-book, you distribute for free, and the recipient can download it free or for a low cost
  • Through the Internet is your e-books accessible worldwide
  • They can be downloaded if the recipient has a PC, Mac, iPhone, or the type of Tablet anywhere

Here’s how you can distribute your eBooks

  • From your own Web page or blog.
  • Most online bookstores sell books in both the usual book format e-book formats
  • Libraries lend out e-books
  • There is almost an infinite number of possibilities for distributing e-books abroad. Go for example in at and have a look.